Monobrand Showrooms

Plan 8 creates custom showroom for customers in Paris. We count with  an extensive network of staff, industry agents, freelancers, Intermediary business contractors and trade shows. As part of an international business development plan, we identify, negotiate and manage deals with partner agencies located in New York, L.A., Milan, London, Berlin, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Plan 8 can act as the mother agency when necessary or simply execute the negotiation and pass the follow up to the brand. We are the only external sales agency in Paris with the structure, international network and strategy expertise able to work in perfect tandem with in-house teams, irrespective of the size of the brand.

We aim to be a major component of the brand’s team. We act as our clients sales Department « at Large » in perfect synergie with internal teams.

Recent work:

SAUDI 100Menswear and Pre-collection women SS24June 2024


Multibrand Showrooms

“Paris is full of showrooms during fashion week, though few felt more dynamic than Together X Plan 8 and The Selects, a novel concept taking place near La Bourse, the former stock market of Paris”

Godfrey Deeny, Fashion Network. Oct 4, 2023.


Unique Selling point

Through our showrooms and international affiliate Agents network, we deliver a unique customised execution in Paris.